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Symbolik Woodworks and Home Maintenance, LLC

What is "Symbolik Woodworks"? It is basically wood art that has symbolism built into the design to celebrate characteristics of an individual. For example: I made this symbolic art piece for my wife and incorporated her characteristics: she loves ocean waves, skull = day of the dead, vines = connections with people, heart = very loving, the two bottom vines are us coming together, I wrote her the poem, and the oval represents my mother.

Symbolik Woodworks and Home Maintenance, LLC was formed so I can bring you the best quality work and products at fair prices. This is a unique Veteran-owned business in that I am using my over 30 years experience in woodworking to design and build creative, unique wood items for my customers and online store as well as providing home maintenance, remodeling and repair service to my local customers. My business is fully insured and bonded. The online store is still under construction and will be live at some point in the future.                                                                      Check out my galleries of symbolik woodworks and home remodeling projects! If you would like to discuss a special project request, click the button below and I will respond.

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